Garden Design & Redesign

The cost is based on the size & complexity of the project.  Design work is billed at $80/hr in 15 minute increments with an estimate provided up front. (Project Minimum is $500)

If you’re looking to design or redesign all or part of your garden, this is for you.

Design/Redesign Includes:

  1. Planning & Brainstorm Meeting
  2. Conceptual Design
  3. Detailed Design
  4. Plant Purchase List & Plant Map
  5. Care & Maintenance Information

If you’re looking for a referral for implementation of the plan, I can provide that based on the scope & needs of the project.

Planting of the plants is done by the selected contractor or, if desired, by you.  I can assist you with placement to make sure the plants are placed & spaced for the best possible look.

Garden Design Portland