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Visiting Chickadee Gardens

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Over this summer I was lucky enough to visit the garden of a blogger I’ve been following for a long time: Chickadee Gardens. I’d met the gracious and generous Tamara, one of the garden’s owners, previously and that just made me want to visit her garden more. Lovely people tend to make lovely gardens! It was a warm, clear summer day for a garden visit,…

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The Spring Garden

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I say this annually, but this is the most wonderful time of the year. After the clocks change and we get more daylight at the end of the day, and the weather swings wildly between chilly drizzle and (excitingly) warmer sunshine, it gives you a peek at the glorious season of growth ahead. It’s well under way, actually, and each day it’s exciting to visit…

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Portland Oregon Garden

Garden Happenings: End of January

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With the exception of a few stretches of chilly weather, we’re having an exceptionally mild winter here in Portland.  This means not only are the usual suspects showing signs of life (daphne, edgeworthia, crocus…) but there are signs of life everywhere you look. New growth on shrubs, lawns, perennial crowns — it’s delightful, but I’m trying to quell too much excitement because it might mean…

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Oregon Garden

Visiting the Oregon Garden

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In September last year my mom & I visited the Oregon Garden in Silverton, OR. It’s 80 acres and was opened in 1999. It was truly inspirational for me as that’s around the same time as I created my own garden. I’ll get to the plantings and design in a minute, but first I want to tell you that one of the purposes of the…

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