Plant Combination for Saturated March Color

I was inspired by a plant combination I saw recently at Portland Nursery that combined a dark-leaved euphorbia with a multi-colored, flowering erysimum, and the silver foliage of artemesia.  I love a hit of saturated color this time of year — after months of bleak weather, contrasts of burgundy and orange really lift the spirits.

So I played around with some plant combinations I could use in a container, or even a year-round planting bed and came up with this:

Plant Combination for March

From the top-left:

  1. Euphorbia ‘Ruby Glow’:
  2. Erysimum ‘Winter Orchid’:
  3. Tulip ‘Queen of the Night’:
  4. Artemesia Versicolor ‘Seafoam’:
  5. Libertia ‘Sunset Blaze’:

Good for Zones 7+.

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