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Garden Tour: Start of April, 2013

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We had some epic weather last week (the final week of March) and over Easter weekend. It was 75 and fully sunny. That’s absolutely crazy for Portland in March, and I am not complaining. It gave me a great chance to take some photos of our garden’s progress…

This area of the front garden is starting to fill in more and I’m starting to really love it.

I love that euphorbia myrsinites

I love the purples this time of year, especially with golds and blues.

Clematis Alpina ‘Willy’ — I look forward to this every year.

Giant Ostrich Fern – in a container

Brunnera ‘Jack Frost’

Gingko Biloba — in the hellstrip

Fungus growing on a tree trunk

Back garden border

Looking across the back gardens

Back border combination

Columnar Apple ‘Scarlet Sentinel’ — lots of buds this year, hopefully means lots of apples!

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