Garden Happenings: Beginning of March

Garden Happenings - Beginning of March

We’ve been having a stunning stretch of weather, warm, dry and sunny.

Front Garden Path

This means not only are there wonderful things happening plant-wise, but it also means the weather’s been great for garden projects.

New Path to Hose Spigot

My Mom visited and she loves garden projects & stone yards so we did a couple of stone-related projects together, including creating a little basalt path to the hose spigot (seen above) and fixing up some border edging with larger stones.

Back Garden, East Fence

I also got a rock that’s naturally shaped like a bowl to hold water. I have one of these in the front, but this one went in the back border & is hopefully perfectly sized for visiting birds and insects.

Back Garden North Side Against the Fence

I finally remembered to put markers in when the spring bulbs are blooming to indicate where I want to put new ones in the autumn. For years I thought of this too late in the season, so it feels like a triumph.

Euphorbia 'tasmanian tiger'

I have also slowly been going around the garden to remove all remaining plant markers. I had been keeping them in place until I felt that I firmly remembered the full name of each plant, but I realized I’ve gotten to the point where that may not be possible any longer. So I’ve been taking a photo of each plant and titling it with the name as a visual catalog. If I really get my act together I’ll create a map with a key.

Shade Garden Behind the Gate

Also on tap for this gardening season is a large project on the south side of the house which involves removing a bunch of soil to regrade the area to better drain water away from the house, installing a flagstone path, and planting a cutting flower bed against the house. On top of that, we’re going to better define the front gate on that side by adding an adjacent trellis. Stay tuned!

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