Gifts for Gardeners

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Gifts for Gardeners

I haven’t done a sponsored post on this blog yet, and that’s still true of this post!  I recommend these gifts not because I have any association with the people who create these things (with a couple of exceptions, which I’ll note below*), but because I use them myself and think they would be great gifts for any gardener in your life.  And these gifts aren’t only for new gardeners — although they’ll love them too — but also for the folks who have spent many years with their hands in the soil.  On to the gifts!..

Gifts for Gardeners: Water Right Hose1. The Water Right Garden Hose

A few years ago I switched all my hoses over to this kind and I’ve never looked back. They’re light-weight, rarely kink, safe to drink from, and come in great colors.  As someone who has purchased many hoses over the years, I can say with confidence that these are my absolute favorite.  I got mine via

Gifts for Gardeners: Garden Containers2. A Gift Certificate for a Beautiful Container

Most gardeners will tell you that there’s pretty much always room for another pot in their garden. Either to add to a growing collection, or to replace something old and lackluster. And this is even true if your garden is inside your home! I suggest you look for a local retailer who gets their pots from a reputable source — which also likely means they’ll have a selection of things that will be safe outside no matter the weather — and get a gift certificate there. Then when planting season comes upon us in just a few months, your gardener will be ready. I’m lucky enough to live right up the road from Contained Exuberance, my friend Bob Hyland’s shop*, here in Portland where there are some particularly gorgeous options.

Gifts for Gardeners: Wheelbarrow3. A Wheelbarrow

If your loved one regularly walks by lugging flagstones, or bags of mulch, or arms filled with cuttings, it might be time for a wheelbarrow. Gardening can be really hard work, and it’s important not to make life more difficult on your body by treating it like you’ve got a spare lined up when this one gives out. Wheelbarrows come in handy for so many lugging activities!

Gifts for Gardeners: Hand Pruners4. Some Really Great Hand Pruners / Secateurs

You know how in the kitchen if you work with a dull knife there’s a much greater risk of injury? Just ask anyone who has used a knife in a vacation rental kitchen to do a basic task and nearly lost a finger. The same is true in the garden — if you’re using tools that aren’t sharp and ready for the task ahead, you’re going to struggle unnecessarily. A good pair of hand pruners not only fits nicely in your hand (whatever size it is), and is ergonomic so you don’t tire quickly, but can also easily be cleaned and sharpened to keep it in peak condition.

Gifts for Gardeners: Rubber Soled Slippers5. Rubber Soled Slippers

Most gardeners I know will take every opportunity to run outside and commune with their garden, even in dreary weather. If the sun comes out for a bit here in winter in the PNW everyone knows it’s time to go outside and see what’s happening out there. So make it easy on your gardener by giving them some great rubber-soled slippers they can quickly run outside in without hesitation. Having to pause to change your shoes ruins the magic just a little bit.

Gifts for Gardeners: Hori-Hori Knife6. A Hori-Hori Knife

Before I had one of these I had an old bread knife that I’d sacrificed to garden tasks. This is far superior having been designed for those kind of jobs. You can do some quick sawing (especially underground roots), dig some quick holes to plant bulbs, weed, and countless other tasks with one of these. It’s the multi-tool for the gardener.

Gifts for Gardeners: Haws Watering Can7. A Haws Watering Can

It’s more difficult than you might think to find a good watering can. Sometimes they’re poorly balanced, sometimes the water comes out terribly, and sometimes they leak. This watering can won’t do any of those things — it’s truly a delight to use, has an adjustable rose (where the water comes out), and the copper version is really beautiful.

Gifts for Gardeners: Botanical Art8. Beautiful Botanical Art

Most gardeners I know don’t limit their horticultural love to what they plant outside and inside, but what else they surround themselves with. Botanical curiosities come in many forms, and something that compliments just about any interior display is some beautiful botanical art. My friend Kate Blairstone* creates gorgeous work inspired by her garden and the plant world in general. Any gardener would be delighted to own some of her gorgeous illustrated pieces.

Gifts for Gardeners: Plants9. Last, but certainly not least, MORE PLANTS!

Many gardeners have a list of plants they want to acquire. It’s often a constantly evolving list, with new things being added on a regular basis. And then there are the impulse buys that every gardeners succumbs to — the beautiful specimens that you just can’t pass up, especially early in the growing season. There’s a reason your local nursery has overflow parking in April — spring fever hits gardeners hard. So you can never go wrong with a gift certificate to a local nursery. If there’s one that you know your gardener frequents, then get it there — and if you don’t know, consider mail order! You might not think plants come in the mail, but they do, and often it’s the only way to get some rare things that are difficult to find in person. I live in Oregon, and we’re lucky to have loads of specialty nurseries here, but if you live elsewhere just do a quick Google search to see what you come up with in your region.

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